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PostSubject: Bilderberg   Tue Sep 14, 2010 8:54 am

This is probably the most secret group around today, most people have heard about the Freemasons or skull and cross bones but even some reporters haven't heard about this group called Bilderberg. They started on 29TH of May 1954 and lasted the full weekend but the most important part of Bilderberg is the people who attend, the list has included the Queen of England as well as the Queen of the Netherlands,previous prime minister and presidents including Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher,George Bush and Obama. While some may say that it is normal for these people to get together and discuss world issues i fail to see why exactly the media have chosen to stay so tight lipped about it and why the group also included CEO's from oil companies, media tycoons and major corporations. Every who has any influence or wealth in this world has been to a Bilderberg meeting at some point and certain politicians and even lied about being at any such meeting for example in 1996 Tony Blair stated he had never been but it has since been proven that he had attended the meeting which had taken place a year earlier. There is no such thing as a membership list and it is down to the steering committee,which has Chairmen of the Steering Committee Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (1954-1975),Walter Scheel (1975-1977),Alec Douglas-Home (1977-1980),Eric Roll (1986-1989),Lord Carrington (1990-1998),Étienne Davignon (since 1998). Many of those who attend the Bilderberg meetings will say that people who say that they aiming for a one world government are crazy conspiracy theorists however there has been those inside Bilderberg who themselves have said many things that have raised suspicion i.e Denis Healey, a Bilderberg founding member and, for 30 years, a steering committee member, has said
“To say we were striving for a one-world government is exaggerated, but not wholly unfair. Those of us in Bilderberg felt we couldn't go on forever fighting one another for nothing and killing people and rendering millions homeless. So we felt that a single community throughout the world would be a good thing.” This is just one of many quotes made by those who have influence in Bilderberg and it is time we demand change and this time make sure it's the change we want.
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PostSubject: Re: Bilderberg   Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:44 pm

Not all secret societys are bad,Im in a secret Society called The Noe-Tech Society, anybody can join,I can highly recomend reading the Neo-Tech dicovery Manuscript by Frank Wallice, you can somtimes find it on ebay.
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