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 "The Physical Biology of Holographic Resonance"

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PostSubject: "The Physical Biology of Holographic Resonance"   Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:46 pm

The following is taken from "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness", by Carl

Johan Calleman, which i am currently reading at the moment. I thought i would post this here rather

than in the 2012 thread, although it would still be valid there, but moreso on the conclusion of what

i have to say.

"The Physical Biology of Holographic Resonance"

"An interesting key to holographic resonance is the fact that the human brain in a relaxed state or

meditative state displays alpha waves with a frequency of 7 to 13 Hz, and that the lower end of this

is close to the so-called Schumann resonance (note, Tesla correctly measured this decades before

anyone else! Whilst it takes Schumanns name, it was Tesla who first correctly observed and measured

its value.. another instance where Tesla is not given enough credit) of 7.8 Hz that envelops the

Earth. The Schumann resonance is a standing wave of electricity produced in the ionosphereic cavity

between the Earth and the ionosphere, which is rich in electrical discharges due to thunderstorms on

so on.

What we have is a series of spheres, of both geological and an atmospheric nature, that all share

Earth's midpoint as their center. These spheres are probably the most significant boundaries between

the diffrerent concentric segments that constitute the Earth. In more esoteric language, they could

probably be called ethereal bodies.

Magnetopause/Plasma Sheet 60,000Km -- 0.8 Hz -- DELTA/Deep Sleep
Outer Van Allen Belt 25,000Km -- 2 Hz --DELTA/Deep Sleep
Inner Van Allen Belt 12,000Km -- 4 Hz -- THETA/Light Sleep
Earths Crust and Mantle 6,370Km -- 7.5 Hz -- ALPHA/Relaxation
Outer Core 3,500Km -- 13.5 Hz -- BETA/Concentration
Crystalline Inner Core 1,200Km -- 40 Hz -- BETA/Concentration

Delta -- Deep Sleep -- 1-4 Hz
Theta -- Light Sleep; Drowsiness -- 4-7 Hz
Alpha -- Relaxation; Meditation -- 8-13 Hz
Beta -- Mental Concentration -- 13-40 Hz

"The concordance between these traditional ranges for the frequencies of different types of brain

waves and the radiuses of the Earth's spheres is remarkable. This concordance however, morever, is

not something we need to go to obscure scientific journals to verify. It is amoung the most basic

knowledge for students of the respective fields

One is tempted to draw the conclusion that the different mental states of the human being are simply

functions of resonances with different speherical layers surrounding the Earth's centre. When, for

instance, we are in the alpha state, we are in resonance with a field of consciousness in the Earth's

mantle. I do not mean to suggest that the resonance itself is electromagnetic in nature, but rather

that when we are in resonance with, or when we tune in to, these different mental earth fields,

electromagnetic currents with the same frequency are activated in our brains.

The frequencies of the various brain waves discovered in humans seem to be shared by most organisms,

so this finding may not, after all, be that suprising. If these brain waves had their origins only in

the internal functioning of the organism, and thus were unrelated to external fields, one would

expected a considerably greater variation between species in the frequency of brain waves than what

is observed. The remarkable correspondence above is thus strongly suggestive of a resonant

relationship between different mental states and different sphere of the Earth. Such a relationship

would provide proof that human thinking, and mental activities generally, do not go on inside of the

individual, but emerge in an interaction with consciousness fields of the Earth and Cosmos.."

According to this chapter in a segment i did not quote, the schumann resonance is not increasing

gradually is many have been led to believe, and that it is actually quite stable, due to the fact its

value is based on two figures (speed of light and circumference of the Earth). What is interesting is

that a brief search on Google returned a title "Schumann resonance frequency increase during solar

X-ray bursts"..

Could it be that in 2012, a final pulse of energy from the Galatic Centre, and translated through the

Sun, with enough force, pushes the Schumann resonance up to the next stable harmonic value, which

following the Fibonacci series, would be 13 Hz..?
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"The Physical Biology of Holographic Resonance"
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